DPW part 3

Finally, I received a call from Ms. S who informs me that she was previously a supervisor in the Adjustments Department but had recently switched roles and departments. She did agree to credit my account and forward the request to someone in the Adjustments Department to be processed. She also gave me her contact information should I encounter any further issues, which of course I did.

January 16th, 2018

I have just received my most recent statement for this last billing period and I would like to, first, thank you for FINALLY issuing a credit of $200 to my account. I would, second, like to congratulate
 the Baltimore City Department of Public Works on their move concerning the doubling of my water usage for this billing quarter. A lot of customers may have overlooked the fact that their water consumption not only doubled, but did so in a billing quarter with 15 days less than the previous one. Not me, Robenia, attention to detail is my thing and only paying for the water my family uses is my game. But I do have to give credit where credit is due so… Well played, DPW, well played.

I am beginning to get the slight feeling that I am being underestimated or mistaken for a fool. I am actually pondering the idea of shopping around a book to publishers filled with nothing but our correspondence concerning this billing issue and using the royalties to pay for the Well that my kids are currently digging in the backyard.

Per our last conversation, I am aware that your position has changed and you are no longer in the Adjustments Department. I generally commend a company that creates opportunities for it’s employees to advance, however, in this particular instance your role change is of extreme concern to me. In two years, you are the only person that has been able to issue a fairly easy billing adjustment to my account and done so with lightning speed.

This whole relationship with your employer is beginning to feel like a bad marriage. I keep giving and the Baltimore City Department of Public Works just keeps taking. It really does feel quite one sided and believe me, I would have broken this relationship off months ago but, unfortunately, I am married to the only Water Supplier in town. So here I am hanging on, hoping one of you guys will bring me flowers and tell me I am pretty but instead you keep overcharging me and insinuating that I am some type of water hoarder.

I am frightened, Ro. This is exactly how things started two years ago. My consumption doubled, then tripled, then reached a point where we were being charged more for our residential water bill than the commercial account for our restaurant. I usually give you the benefit of the doubt during the summer months. I mean, I do water 4 potted plants outside on occasion but during the middle of the winter? What exactly could we have done to double our water consumption? BGE has already slapped me upside the head with their winter billing, but you guys? That’s what we call kicking someone when they’re down, Robenia.

I like you, Ro. Educate me. Lead me into the light of who it is that can get this fixed once and for all. I hope you had a great extended weekend and I look forward to hearing from you upon your return.

Thy Humble Servant,
Shannon Armenis

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